Monday, May 26, 2008

The Ultimate Gift

We got this movie from the library this weekend. Mike was not excited to watch it with me because he figured it was a chick flick. We both ended up really enjoying it. The acting is really good and the message is very refreshing. It is nice because there is not really anything offensive in the movie. It is the story about a young man who receives 12 tasks to be completed from his grandfather after his grandfather's passing. He is very reluctant to even start doing them but after each task, he becomes a little more curious. He meets many people along the way that influence the direction of his life and how he handles the tasks. It totally made me cry but in a good way.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Made of Honor

I saw this with some friends last night. I really liked Patrick Dempsey in Enchanted. His character was such a good guy. This show sort of blew that image out of my mind (unfortunately).

The story is about a guy who doesn't realize his true feelings for his best friend until she gets engaged. It is similar to My Best Friend's Wedding. Anyway, there were some funny parts, but I was disappointed in the lose morals depicted. I liked how things ended up, but wish they had gone about it a bit better.