Sunday, February 24, 2008


I may get bashed for my thoughts on this one, but gotta say I did NOT love this show. Maybe it was all the hype, but it was a let down. Honestly though, I don't handle main characters being ugly very well. This sounds very shallow, and maybe it is, but when I'm looking at someone for two hours (or whatever), if they're not pleasant to look at, it really takes away from the show. Shia LeBeouf fit his non-cool high school kid role well, but . . . . ugh. The main girl character was quite pretty, but very skankily dressed! The acting was ok, but the story just wasn't that great. The special effects were very good. All in all, I would rate the cartoon transformers of my youth five stars (out of five) and this movie 2.5.

Bring on the opposition!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Becoming Jane

Dan brought this home the other night, which really surprised me. It's a story about Jane Austin. I'm not sure how accurate it is, but I was entertained. It's definitely a chick flick and if you didn't like Pride and Prejudice you most likely won't like this one (since really, it's basically the same movie). I loved it. There are two parts that need skipping. Some behind is shown when two guys swim in the lake (Dan wouldn't let me look for some time, so I'm assuming a lot of bum was shown) and when Tom tells Jane to read a book, she does, but the book is on sex, and not something I really wanted to hear.
Anyway, it's rated PG, and I liked it so much I watched it twice. I cried too (which really doesn't say much). It's fun to see where Jane Austin got a lot of her inspiration (if the movie portrays her correctly). It's cute and besides those two parts I'd recommend it.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Maybe everyone else saw this in the theaters, but I just got this from Netflix and loved it! I thought it would be kinda lame and cliche with some big acting names thrown in it, but it really wasn't at all! The story was marvelous. I thought it had great action scenes, but written well too. I wanted to write down several quotes. I loved this: "Eternity sounds awfully lonely. Unless perhaps I had someone to share it with. Someone I loved." (something to that affect) There's some pretty good laughs in it too. It just makes you feel good.

The director says this is a fairy-tale for grown ups, but there wasn't anything too "adult" in it. Lots of killing actually, but they leave out the sound effects and most of the gore. One guy even has bright blue blood instead.

I'm curious to see if other normal people liked this too, or if I'm just turning into a fantasy-lover. (darn those vampire books)

The Wendell Baker Story

Matt picked out a movie last night. He got it at Red Box, and wouldn't tell me what it was, because it was a surprise. If he had told me the name, I would have been clueless. I'd never heard of it.

Owen and Luke Wilson are in the show (along with several other familiar faces), but that's about where my interest ended. Matt has a great ability to pick out movies that I dislike. :) He does get some that I like, but I would say most of the movies he picks out don't do it for me. Let's just say that I was reading and doing other things during most of the movie.

Anyone else out there ever seen it (or heard of it)?

Friday, February 15, 2008


So what movies do your men (or guy friends) like that surprised you? A lot of times I'll just assume he won't like a "chick flick" or other sappy movie, and then it just happens to be one of those magical movies you both end up liking! They don't come along very often, so I'm wondering if you all have any suggestions.

AJ loves the Count of Monte Cristo. Maybe it was the sword fighting though. We both LOVED the World's Fastest Indian. It's not really a romantic chick flick I think, but it's, you know, "heartwarming". Anyway, I can't think of very many right now, but every once in a while it happens!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

No Reservations

I rented No Reservations today. It's about a chef who's life gets shaken up by the death of her sister and the responsibility of taking care of her niece. Her job is her life, and her personal situation makes for changes at work too. I cried several times, and saw that Matt was right for not wanting to see it. I liked it, but it wasn't his kind of show. Definitely a "chick flick". It also seemed pretty predictable, but if you're not really looking for a show that makes you think, you shouldn't be disappointed. The trailer and other show info can be found here.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Did I mess this up?

Ok, so with this template, can you easily post new movies? I have to go in from my other blog and do it from that dashboard. If I've messed it up for everyone let me know and I'll choose a different template.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Two of my favorites

Shadowlands is my all-time favorite movie. It's a tear-jerker, but so good. It's the story of C.S. Lewis and his marriage late in life. He marries his wife while she is in the hospital with bone cancer. It's a beautifully told story. Anthony Hopkins is incredible, and the other actors are great too.

Secondhand Lions is a feel-good movie. A boy goes to spend the summer with his two uncles, who are the subjects of many intimidating rumors. It's funny, touching, and a good story. If you want something to make you smile, I recommend checking it out.


This movie was recommended to me by a lot of people, so we rented it last week.

I haven't yet decided if I loved it or hated it, to be honest. The cinematography is somewhat bizzare, and it seems cartoonish at times. The characters and their actions often seem like something out of the Loony Toons, but I think it brings the point home well.

There is one scene that we felt we needed to fast forward through, although, I'm not sure how bad it really ended up being. Also, some of the morals, or lack thereof, in the storyline made me a bit uncomfortable, but I see how it was necessary for the main character to figure out what she needed to do in order to make a better life for herself.

I liked the way it ended, but I'm not sure I liked the way we got there. It's a cute movie...your husbands will most likely hate it, though. Definitely a "chick flick"

Danny Deckchair

Danny Deckchair is about a quirky guy that flies away to another place and sort of starts a new life. It is a movie I try to recommend a lot to friends. It's very cute. It will make you laugh more than cry, so your hubbies may like it too! You can watch the trailer here.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Amazing Grace

Everyone should see this movie. It's a true story about the end of the slave trade in England, and about the man who wrote the song "Amazing Grace". It's very inspiring and uplifting.

The Game Plan

So, I admit, I was very skeptical but I was pleasantly surprised. I like movies that make you want to be a better parent. It was cute and the acting wasn't too bad either (as much as you can expect from a professional "wrestler") Anyway, I would recommend it to watch with your kids.

Music and Lyrics

We rented Music and Lyrics Saturday night after hearing that several friends really liked it. I was very surprised to see Hugh Grant in a role like this. It was just sort of . . . goofy. I don't mean that in a "what a waste of time" sort of way. I did like the majority of the movie, it's just that I haven't seen Hugh Grant in a role like this. His character is a pop "has been" from the 80s. He does a lot of singing and dancing (or hip popping). I was laughing through a lot of the movie at the humor. I will say that I didn't care for the clothing styles and dance styles of the current music star. Pretty much skanky! It was very nice that that didn't take up much of the show. And, there's "one scene" about the main characters. Thankfully, it doesn't show the scene--just the before and after.

The last part of the show seemed a bit slow. Of course, it could have been that it was very late and Matt didn't seem interested in the movie. Your viewing partner's feelings about a show definitely affect your own feelings.