Friday, March 13, 2009


I rented this for my five-year-old because she saw the other two and really liked them. Also, it's rated G, so I figured it would be "safe".

It followed suite of the others, and was CHEESY! I was a bit surprised that it was rated G with all the lovey-dovey stuff between the two main characters (there was even a bit of KISSING).

But, the kids seemed to like it, and joined in with the dancing sometimes.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


This is one of the few movies I went to the theater to see with the kids. My kids LOVED this movie. The hamster was particularly cute, as well as the pigeons. It was a very funny story of a dog who is in show business and takes it all very seriously. Then he gets thrown into the real world and realizes he really doesn't have super powers, and has a hard time dealing with it. It was so funny and had a good moral in the end. I recommend this one.

An Unfinished Life

This movie came out a few years ago. It is about a single mother who needs to get out of a bad/abusive relationship. She turns to the only family she has, her dead husband's father. Robert Redford is the man, he lives on a ranch in Wyoming, and his friend is played by Morgan Freeman. It was such a wonderful movie, and it really surprised me at how much I loved the characters. It was very funny, sad, endearing and in the end very very good. I hope you can watch this one!

Nights in Rodanthe

Don't laugh, I am doing a lot of posts, I can't sleep tonight for some reason...

This movie was sad! I like Richard Gere, and he and Diane hit it off pretty good in this movie. I just couldn't get that into it for some reason. It was adapted from a book by Nicholas Sparks (he wrote The Notebook too). The beach house it was filmed in was gorgeous, and it had some good conversations in it, but in the end, I didn't like it that much.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian... where do I start. I didn't see a post on this movie. We watched it in January and I am still thinking about it. I loved it. It had quite a few war scenes, and I am not quite sure if I'd let my kids watch it yet. The message of the movie was quite powerful. A lot of good lessons to learn from it, about believing in yourself, and believing in those you love.

The soundtrack was beautiful, and the scenery was amazing. I need to go to New Zealand. I highly recommend this movie :)

I am Legend

I haven't posted to this forever, and I read your comments all of the time. So I had better contribute. Mark and I watched this movie last night. First of all, I didn't realize it was a zombie-esqe movie. It was scary! Well, I am easily scared, mostly because you don't know what is going to jump out at you around the corner...

A so-called cure for cancer is found, but it turns out to be a horrid disease that spreads all over the world, turning people into these crazed zombies that want to kill everything. Will Smith's character's blood is immune to any of this and he searches high and low for a cure. Most of the movie it shows him roaming around a shut down New York with his dog. It was scary, and in the end it left me wanting.