Thursday, July 8, 2010


I gathered together six friends to watch Eclipse with me. I was quite excited to see it, but we didn't go opening day (in fact we waited until Monday, July 5th, which turned out to be an awesome day to go because the theater had their Family Day promo going and tickets were only $3 each).

I thought the movie was well done. It followed the book fairly well. I loved the beginning when Edward is trying to convince Bella to marry him and she tells him that everyone would think she was pregnant (the way she worded it was just funny). I also loved when Charlie was trying to give Bella "The Talk". So funny (and awkward). I was so sad for Jacob again. I wouldn't have minded if they gave an alternate ending to this film and had her choose Jacob instead.

I left not being completely satisfied, although I can't really put my finger the reason. Maybe it's just because it's still not over.

Anyway, enjoyable movie with great friends, and most definitely worth three bucks.