Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You Again

One word can describe this movie pretty well . . . PAINFUL!

Again, another show that the trailer makers did a great job; however, it bit, and it bit hard.

The acting was ok, but . . . the overall movie was just bad.

Marni was a major nerd in high school, and was teased mercilessly by Joanna (beautiful cheerleader). But, she's become successful in her job and life is going well. She comes home for her brother's wedding, and it turns out he's marrying Joanna. Things get awkward.

Marni's mom tries to get her to focus on the present instead of the past, and gets her past thrown in her face when her ex-best friend ends up being Joanna's aunt. More awkwardness.

Revenge, awkwardness. Attempted revenge, more awkwardness. Funky wedding planner that has a thing for singing and dancing, more awkwardness.


The Dilemma

This show isn't worth watching. I caved due to a free baby-sitter (thanks Ash) and Kevin James (Hitch, King of Queens). However, the movie was just one awkward situation after another. I did know going into it that Vince Vaughn's character sees his best friend (Keven James' character)'s wife with another guy, and he's torn about telling his friend. But, the trailer made it look like a good show. Those trailer makers sure do a good job getting people in seats, even when the movie really bites.

Channing Tatum is in this too. I'd only seen him in "Dear John", and I thought his character in that show was a pretty good guy (withstood Amanda Seyfried's blatant temptations when she was married to someone else). "Dear John" ruined Amanda Seyfried for me, and "The Dilemma" ruined Channing Tatum for me. I'm not sure why I continue to watch anything with Vince Vaughn though. His movies seem to be all sorts of awkward situations. Kevin James isn't totally ruined for me yet. I may just have to stick to watching King of Queen's reruns though.

True Grit

Matt took me to see this on my birthday. True, it's more of a Matt-film than and Andrea-film, but it was very well done.

The acting was great. Although, Matt Damon with a mustache and a funky Texas Ranger accent didn't do anything for me.

The non-use of contractions was odd. It took a little bit to figure out what was so squirly about how they were talking, but once you noticed,
it was distracting. I imagine that this was done based on people really not using contractions back in the day. I'm quite a fan of contractions.

Some of the scenes were a bit violent for my taste (ie. I closed by eyes, but not soon enough-dang knife and fingers part).

I'm not sure that I'd recommend it, because of a few graphic violence scenes, but it was well done.