Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Lightning Thief

My six-year-old and I went for a girls' outing to see this at the dollar theater. It is PG, so I hoped it'd be appropriate for her. She loved the book when we listened to it on CD.

Anyway, overall I thought the film was enjoyable. Zoie said she liked it and wasn't scared (there are quite a few Greek monsters).

Some of the things that were changed from the book didn't really seem great for a six-year-old though. The characters were older than they were in the book (Percy is 12 in the book, but seemed 16 or so in the movie). Thus, there were hormones. I don't recall the book having Hades' wife, but the film had her (quite skankily dressed). I also don't remember any swearing in the book, but the film had some.

I was bothered by the character Annabeth not being blonde. Seems like hair color is something you can easily follow.

There were quite a few other changes from the book, but on the whole, I thought the story was still told well.

Leap Year

Anna has been with her boyfriend Jeremy for four years, and is anxious for him to propose. When he gives her earrings instead of an engagement ring, she decides to follow him to Ireland (he's there for a medical convention) to propose to him on Leap Day (an Irish tradition). Bad weather causes her flight to land in Wales, and she has a very rough time trying to get to Dublin. Early on in the journey she meets Declan, who is in need of money to save his pub, so he offers to take her the rest of the way.

The story is predictable, but cute. I did have a hard time understanding some of the Irish dialogue though.

When in Rome

I went with some friends to see this at the dollar theater. We had a great time, but I think it was more the company than the greatness of the film.

Beth's life is all about her job. Her younger sister is getting married in Rome, and Beth goes over for the wedding. She takes some coins out of the Fountain of Love, and the guys who threw the coins in fall in love with her (complete strangers). They find her back home in New York and try to win her affection. She actually fell for one of the guys she met at the wedding, but can't tell if he really likes her or if he's under the spell too.

Kind of cute story, but silly (how serious could the show be with Jon Heder-aka Napoleon Dynamite-as one of the smitten men?).

Basically I'd give it an "eh". Fun to see with friends. Definitely not one I'd buy.