Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oceans 12

I have a new favorite movie. I borrowed a few DVDs from our next door neighbor to stave off some boredom last week, and since then I have watched Oceans 12 four times. I LOVE IT! It came out four years ago, or something like that, and I had never seen it. Part of the reason for not seeing it was remembering that both of my sisters didn't like it. The reason I remembered them saying was due to the "crazy camera angles". Well, the couple of shots that are sideways last for a few seconds and didn't bother me. I love the humor in this. It seems so every day. I love the funny looks of people's faces (ie Brad Pitt's when he realizes his cell phone is gone). I love how Matt Damon is so . . . um, what's the word? Young or unsure of himself? I love his reaction to finding out their first job is being done on a agoraphobic person.

Perhaps if you didn't like it when you saw it, you should watch it a second time--just to be sure. :)

I will say that I didn't care for the French guy's laser dance, and the Julia Roberts thing was a tad over the top. I mean, they could have done the same thing for most of the characters. Oh, and I suppose the whole situation is morally wrong--you know, being thieves and all. It's just so funny though.


Gayle said...

I also LOVED all of the Oceans movies. Nothing like a little drool time with Matt, George, and Brad!