Friday, October 17, 2008

Nim's Island

I had heard about this movie quite awhile ago, and saw that it was available at Red Box tonight. It is based on a book, and is about a young girl who lives on an island with her scientist father. He leaves on an expedition (I guess that might be the right word), and she (Nim) doesn't want to go with him for the two days because she's certain that her sea turtle's eggs are going to hatch. A huge storm comes up while he's away, and she's left alone to defend their island. She gets some courage from email correspondence from her hero, Alex Rover. He is the brave character of many of her favorite books. He is actually a fictitious character made up by author Alexandra Rover (who happens to not be brave or courageous--she's really agoraphobic).

Anyway, it was a cute story. Some parts were a little intense for my five-year-old, but she wanted to keep watching.