Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Aviator

Interesting movie. The first half of it Nate and I kept looking at each other like "What is going on? Is there a plot to this movie at all?" The second half got better, but I was really close to just leaving the room.
This movie is about the life of Howard Hughes (not to be mistaken for Hugh Hefner, which I always seem to do for some reason.)
Howard is a very interesting character. Very smart. From what I understood through the movie, he had a whole lot to do with the airline business as we know it today (OK, as we knew it before they all went bankrupt...) He was also mentally ill.
Would I recommend the movie? Eh...probably not. It was very long - like about 3 hours long - and like I said earlier, the first half of the movie was just weird. Plus, there was an overabundance of swearing. Not cool.


Hilary said...

Interesting really is the best way to put it. There are parts that are a little disturbing, but when you think "that was this man's life" it's really fascinating.

I've watched a biography on him on TV and it's very close to the movie, with a few more explanations.

There's also this whole Mormon Mafia part of his life that sounds interesting, but I haven't read about it very much.

Andrea said...

I really don't remember liking anything about this show. It has been quite awhile since I saw it, but the disturbing parts were just way too disturbing to me. I guess it left me feeling sorry for the guy.