Sunday, March 8, 2009

I am Legend

I haven't posted to this forever, and I read your comments all of the time. So I had better contribute. Mark and I watched this movie last night. First of all, I didn't realize it was a zombie-esqe movie. It was scary! Well, I am easily scared, mostly because you don't know what is going to jump out at you around the corner...

A so-called cure for cancer is found, but it turns out to be a horrid disease that spreads all over the world, turning people into these crazed zombies that want to kill everything. Will Smith's character's blood is immune to any of this and he searches high and low for a cure. Most of the movie it shows him roaming around a shut down New York with his dog. It was scary, and in the end it left me wanting.


Andrea said...

We saw part of this at our hotel in San Diego. I'm not sure how much we missed, but I had no idea that a cure for cancer was what got it all going. I was trying not to watch much while I read a book because I'm not into scary movies either. The end was interesting-not what I would have thought.