Sunday, April 5, 2009

Forever Strong

I saw this movie on my birthday back in February, and thought it was well done.  It is based on a true story.  The main character is a high school rugby star and has drug and alcohol problems.  He gets put in the Wasatch County Juvenile Detention Center (that threw me a bit because Wasatch County is not in Salt Lake--a detail it would have been nice to have correct).  It was a touching story about a coach that treated his players like family, and taught them to be strong off the field so they could be strong on the field.  It was filmed in Salt Lake, and I enjoyed seeing familiar locations.

Matt didn't think the acting was great, but I didn't notice anything bad with it.  I'd definitely recommend this film.


Jessica said...

Did you know this is a real rugby team that some of the guys in my ward were on (and some were in the movie too)? It a story about the Highland High (Hail Highland High, my alma mater) rugby team. The coach was a seminary teacher, and though some of the details were changed (to protect the innocent) it's a true story. This team really is the nemisis of the high school world! I loved it and thought it was refreshing to see a really good movie that had not one swear word or sex scene in it.

Jessica said...

Jessica really didn't post that comment, it was me (Gayle)