Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mall Cop

I thought this movie was hilarious. It was pretty evident that it wasn't the greatest movie of all time, but after I watched it, I just kept thinking of all the funny things Paul Blart did and said. Dumb things like "just kidding, I can't grow a beard, but my uncle can!" were repeated to people who had never seen it, and when they didn't laugh it was like, oh, guess you had to see that part. So yeah, Kevin James is funny, and I couldn't repeat any of his jokes at all, so you guys will just have to see it. And the movie wouldn't be the same without him riding his Segway the whole time. He's got moves. I loved it :)


Andrea said...

He was definitely good on the Segway. I had higher hopes for the movie (although just the title/poster gives major clues about the type of show).

Did you think it was funny that the bad guys rode those little (bmx?) bikes and skateboards?