Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I had mixed feelings about this sixth Harry Potter movie. I thought it was well done. The special effects and videography were excellent. No problems with the acting. But, I was disappointed that almost all of the best scenes are those you can view on Rotten Tomatoes.

I got a kick out of how Harry acted after taking the "liquid luck" potion (those scenes aren't on RT). Ron's obsessed girlfriend was funny.

I was confused about Ron and Hermione. I saw a couple of interviews online about the characters kissing (and it being awkward because the actors have known each other for so long they're like brother and sister), but they don't kiss in this movie. Or, did I miss that?

There also wasn't very much in the show about Harry and Ginny. Seems like they were together a lot in the book, but there wasn't very much about them being together in the movie.

I had forgotten who the half-blood prince was, so that part was a surprise to me.

For being two and a half hours long, it didn't seem like that much happened. I didn't feel like it dragged on, but I wished there was more. Guess that's what happens with series though.


Jessica said...

I'm guessing the kissing will be in the next two movies. I think they're almost done filming them, so that's probably what the interviews were talking about.

I was highly disappointed with the movie. While the acting and special effects were good, they left out all of my favorite parts of the book, and some rather crucial details. In the book, Dumbledore told Harry what all the horcruxes were, but in the movie, he didn't know what they were. Now they'll have to spend most of the next movie trying to figure out what they're looking for.

Also, what was with the cafe scene at the beginning? It totally didn't fit with anything.

My advice: don't reread the book before you see the movie. I think the movie is a lot more enjoyable to people who have forgotten details about the book. My parents loved it because they had forgotten a lot about what happened, so the details that were left out didn't bug them.

Rorie said...

Jessica, I learned that tip a few movies back. I make it a point not to read the books just before the movie comes out so I won't be so disappointed. I also go in there just knowing that it won't be as good as the book. :) But it was still enjoyable.

Rorie said...

Oh, I forgot to add that I really wish they had put in the part where Harry was practicing that one spell (Levicorpus?) where he lifted Ron out of bed. That part had me laughing so hard. Totally should have been in the movie.