Sunday, December 19, 2010


I rented this a few weekends ago when Matt was out of town, because he had no desire to see it. However, I think he would have at least sort of liked it. It reminded me a lot of RED.

Ashton Kutcher plays an assassin who quits his job after meeting and falling in love with Jen (Katherine Heigl). They get married and have a happy life for three years or so, and then his old boss contacts him. He's not interested in getting back in his old line of work, but he suddenly finds himself on a kill list. People he thought were his friends, neighbors and co-workers are suddenly trying to kill him for a huge amount of money. His wife is very surprised, but fights alongside him.

So, it was an interesting show. I didn't love it, didn't hate it. People do get killed, and it's portrayed almost in a funny manner, which is just weird to me (since murder isn't funny).


Rorie said...

I have a really hard time picturing Ashton Kutcher playing an assassin.