Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You Again

One word can describe this movie pretty well . . . PAINFUL!

Again, another show that the trailer makers did a great job; however, it bit, and it bit hard.

The acting was ok, but . . . the overall movie was just bad.

Marni was a major nerd in high school, and was teased mercilessly by Joanna (beautiful cheerleader). But, she's become successful in her job and life is going well. She comes home for her brother's wedding, and it turns out he's marrying Joanna. Things get awkward.

Marni's mom tries to get her to focus on the present instead of the past, and gets her past thrown in her face when her ex-best friend ends up being Joanna's aunt. More awkwardness.

Revenge, awkwardness. Attempted revenge, more awkwardness. Funky wedding planner that has a thing for singing and dancing, more awkwardness.