Tuesday, July 22, 2008

High School Musical (1 & 2)

After learning that several friends/family members have also seen High School Musical, I decided not to be embarrassed, and to write a review. We borrowed HSM 1&2 from a neighbor, and I had very low expectations.

Anyway, the first one is about a really popular athlete that realizes he can sing when forced to do karaoke with a stranger at a New Year's Eve party. The stranger ends up being a new student in his school. When he and this new girl meet up again in one of their classes they talk about how great singing together was, even though neither of them ever did anything like that before. They end up auditioning for the high school musical, against all odds, because he's this athlete (and athletes don't sing and dance) and she's a brain (and brains don't sing and dance). The bad guys are the brother and sister that have been the leads in every school production.

Overall, cheesy, but I liked it. It was strange to me that they didn't actually do the musical though. Guess from the title I thought that would be part of the show.

HSM2 was definitely not as good as the first. Very cheesy, and had nothing to do with a school musical. I know I'm getting hung up on the name. It was all about school being out for the summer and having summer jobs. The whole gang gets jobs at this country club. There's a talent show. Actually reminded me a bit of Saved By the Bell (which I LOVED-I was a total Saved By the Bell junkie). Unfortunately, this wasn't as good. Seemed like the whole show was about Troy trying to kiss Gabriella (ok, that's an exaggeration).

Both shows had a good lesson, and Zoie really enjoyed them. She's been singing parts of some of the songs. I am really not the target audience for these shows. And, in spite of my not loving the 2nd one, I'm sure I'll see the 3rd at some point.


Gayle said...

You know those were filmed at your dad's, Marilyn's, Mark's, Patty's and Claire's high school? It's been quite the exciting time here with all those hotties around here.
P.S. I can't believe you're actually admitting that you liked the movies!

Lara said...

Psst...they're called High School Musical because it's a musical about high school students auditioning for a musical. :)

We love them at our house, but I'm sure you already know that.

The Mecham Family said...

I have yet to see either of these! Sad huh :( who did you borrow them from? Perhaps we should as well...