Friday, September 19, 2008


Nothing like a movie from 1985.

I saw this at the store for $5, and decided to buy it. My family had watched it several times growing up, and I remembered it being really good. It was still funny, but I am bothered when movies make light of death and murder (which this definitely does).

The opening credits say that the movie is based on the board game. I can't think of any other movies based on games. That's quite creative.

I think my favorite part is the ending when Tim Curry is telling everyone "who done it".

Some of my favorite lines/parts:

"Is that what we ate?" followed by a "I'm going to puke" sound.

"I'm going to go home and sleep with my wife."

"But it is dark upstairs, and I am frightened of the dark. Will anyone go with me?" "I will." "I will." "No thank you."

When Tim Curry throws Mr. Green into the "toilet", and you see him come out a minute later drying his hands and a flushing sound in the background.

The actor who plays Mr. Body is named Lee Ving.


Lara said...

I totally never knew that about the actor who plays Mr. Body. That is too funny.

I love that movie. Madeline Kahn seriously just makes me happy.

Flames. Burning down my face...

Andrea said...

Oh yeah, loved that line too.