Saturday, November 22, 2008


I really enjoyed the Twilight novel, and the movie was pretty good. My friend and I wondered if we'd like the movie if we hadn't read the book, and I don't think I would have. Having read it, we could understand certain things that weren't said in the show. Many details were left out, but I couldn't think of anything major that wasn't there. I would see it again.

Many of the special effects were lacking, and the effect of sunlight on a vampire just made said vampire look sweaty. One may have thought the movie was a comedy with all the laughing that was going on (in the theater). There wasn't much character development. I think Jacob had three or four lines, and Jasper had one (well, maybe two) and several funny facial expressions. Oh, the scene where Edward saves Bella from the guys in Port Angeles was pretty good, at least how the car was driven. Not sure that I loved Robert Pattinson as Edward. He seemed like he was going to cry through most of the show, and the way he was talking (at least in the beginning) made him sound slow. The makeup was a little distracting too--not so much the white faces, but the red lips. Edward's were darker than Bella's, and it was very obvious that it was lipstick.

I'm really not trying to rag on it though. Condensing the long book to a two hour movie would be a challenge, and overall they did a pretty good job with the story.

I'd love to hear what anyone else thought about it.


Rorie said...

I'm planning on going to see it on Monday with my friend. Can't wait! :)

Holly said...

I totally hear you. I felt the makeup on Edward was too much and he looked like he was sneering at the world. Come on, wasn't he suppose to come across as aloft and confidant? After all, he really isn't 17...Hmm, hope by New Moon the actors improve. It's like HSM, number one was cheesy but by number three, the actors were a lot more comfortable to watch.
With that said, I'll be watching it again, maybe at the dollar theater in a few months!

Gayle said...

After reading your review I keep wondering why you said you would go again??????? Maybe to get some make-up tips?

Andrea said...

I know, it does seem strange that I'd want to see it again based on my paragraph of negatives. Well, it was fun going with my friend, and I like to laugh (even if maybe I laughed at some parts that weren't supposed to be funny). I think a lot of it just has to do with liking the book so much. I do think they did a decent job of converting it to a movie (there was just room for better make-up, special effects, etc.).

James was a really good bad guy. Too bad he burned. The high school kids were pretty funny--I guess sort of realistically high school (you know, self absorbed, dorky, etc.). I had no idea reading the book that Fork's was such a diverse place. Honestly I pictured all white kids. Guess you picture what you are familiar with (pretty sure I could count on one hand the non-caucasian kids in my class). Plus, I didn't put this before, but Stephenie Meyer is in the movie. That was sort of fun to catch (it's very brief).

Rorie said...

OK, here's my review! I liked it. Yeah, there were some cheesy parts - the running and climbing of trees - and they changed things and left things out, but overall it was good. And I went with a fun bunch of friends and the theater was almost empty, except for another group of friends, so we didn't have to be too quiet.
I would see it again. Definitely not as good as the book, but what movie is?

Jessica said...

Puh-lease! My friends and I used to have "bad sci-fi night" in high school, where we'd rent a bunch of really bad 1950s movies to watch. I have to say that this movie was definitely worthy of being included. The acting was terrible, the makeup was atrocious, the sparkliness was, well, hilarious. My friends and I had a hard time keeping it together because we were laughing so hard. I had a great time because it was so bad.

Hilary said...

So in the make-out scene (hubba hubba) did anyone else notice Bella's pants disappeared? Where did her pants go?!

I loved it. I hated it. I REALLY hope the next one(s) are better. I feel bad that the media's expectations were so high, like comparing it to Harry Potter, which made it fall harder.