Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom on the Crystal Skull

This was a lot like your typical Indiana Jones movies (but maybe it was just that song they play that ties them all together). I have to admit that Shia LeBeouf didn't bug me like he does in every other show I've seen him in. I think it was while watching this show that I saw a connection to MacGyver.

Anyway, it was descent. There were a few parts I closed my eyes for, but I have to say the way things turned out at the end were a bit crazy, and so much not Indiana Jones. I liked the bantering between the good guys. Kept the show from being too intense.


Hilary said...

I think the bantering helped it feel like a typical Indiana Jones movie too. The ending was like some different movie altogether :)

But I still liked it. Hey, I'm easy to please.