Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Maiden Heist

Matt picked this out recently. It's about three security guards that work in a museum. They've all worked there for years, and have become attached to certain pieces of art. They learn that the pieces they love are being sent to another museum, so they come up with a plan to "save" their pieces from being sent to Denmark.

It was sort of funny, but I didn't love it. William H. Macy is in the buff (toosh shots-ew) a few times.


Rorie said...

Wasn't he the one who did tush shots in 'Wild Hogs?' There seem to be a few actors out there that just like baring the buns.

Andrea said...

Is that how you spell tush? :)

I think you're right about Wild Hogs.

Hilary said...

Yep, wasn't my first time seeing his tush. I think old guy tush is funny though...but then I have always thought bare tush was funny. That was pretty much my childhood sense of humor.

Anyway, I liked this movie. Especially the ending when his wife looks like the painting :)