Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yes Man

I find movies with Jim Carrey to be risky, so I wasn't very excited when Matt brought this one home for us.

Jim Carrey's character is stuck in a dead end job, and his life is going no where. He learns about motivational seminar about saying Yes to everything. He follows the idea, and finds that his life improves, until it doesn't.

Interesting idea-I mean, if we always say no to things we won't move forward. Obviously we have to say no to some things, but we should take time to consider our options before shutting everything down.

But, I wouldn't recommend this show. A few things were . . . disturbing. Overall it was a Jim Carrey show to miss.


Jessica said...

The only Jim Carrey movie I've ever liked is "The Truman Show". I just don't enjoy his particular brand of humor.

Hilary said...

I agree. He's that obnoxious kid that tries to impress you but is just annoying.