Monday, February 11, 2008

Music and Lyrics

We rented Music and Lyrics Saturday night after hearing that several friends really liked it. I was very surprised to see Hugh Grant in a role like this. It was just sort of . . . goofy. I don't mean that in a "what a waste of time" sort of way. I did like the majority of the movie, it's just that I haven't seen Hugh Grant in a role like this. His character is a pop "has been" from the 80s. He does a lot of singing and dancing (or hip popping). I was laughing through a lot of the movie at the humor. I will say that I didn't care for the clothing styles and dance styles of the current music star. Pretty much skanky! It was very nice that that didn't take up much of the show. And, there's "one scene" about the main characters. Thankfully, it doesn't show the scene--just the before and after.

The last part of the show seemed a bit slow. Of course, it could have been that it was very late and Matt didn't seem interested in the movie. Your viewing partner's feelings about a show definitely affect your own feelings.


Hilary said...

I thought this movie was pretty cute. I'd find myself laughing out loud and AJ wouldn't be so amused. But then I can't think of any Hugh Grant movie that a guy would really love. :)

quiltorstitch said...

I liked this movie too, I watched it with a girlfriend and we got a kick out of it. I like it when he hurt his hip trying to "shake it" that was super funny :D I wish they'd find a different girl for movies like these it seems Drew Barrymore is in just about all of them.

Lara said...

My Sister in law and I saw it in the theater and we loved it. But we are also in love with the 80s techno music that he portrayed and we got a huge kick. Also, we didn't bring our husbands because we knew they'd hate it.

I didn't love Drew Barrymore, but I always love everything Hugh Grant does...he's great as a goofy guy.

Aunt Gayle said...

Hey! Quit making fun of the darling clothes we wore!