Friday, February 15, 2008


So what movies do your men (or guy friends) like that surprised you? A lot of times I'll just assume he won't like a "chick flick" or other sappy movie, and then it just happens to be one of those magical movies you both end up liking! They don't come along very often, so I'm wondering if you all have any suggestions.

AJ loves the Count of Monte Cristo. Maybe it was the sword fighting though. We both LOVED the World's Fastest Indian. It's not really a romantic chick flick I think, but it's, you know, "heartwarming". Anyway, I can't think of very many right now, but every once in a while it happens!


Andrea said...

Hm, good question. You know, I'm sure there have been movies that we both really liked, but none come to mind. More often than not, we'll see a movie that one or both of us didn't like at all.

TV wise Matt and I both really like watching things like Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Catch, American Chopper, etc. Of course, without cable we don't see these Discovery Channel shows anymore, but they're something we both really enjoy watching.

Lara said...

My husband is usually quite surprised by how much he likes my so called "chick flicks" when he actually sits down to watch them. He is equally surprised at how much I don't like his adventure movies. I like some of them, it's just not my favorite genre.

He bought me the Scarlet Pimpernel for Christmas (the one from the 80's) and thought he would hate it but he really really liked it.

Hilary said...

I never considered myself as one who likes history, but the History channel intrigues the both of us pretty often. Haha. And usually shows on Bravo are for gay guys or me :) and AJ has never liked it, but he recently started liking a show called Millionaire Matchmaker. He's hooked!

As far as movies go, it's pretty tough. But I like more guys movies than he does chick flicks for sure.

All I know is we're paying too much for too many channels!