Saturday, February 23, 2008

Becoming Jane

Dan brought this home the other night, which really surprised me. It's a story about Jane Austin. I'm not sure how accurate it is, but I was entertained. It's definitely a chick flick and if you didn't like Pride and Prejudice you most likely won't like this one (since really, it's basically the same movie). I loved it. There are two parts that need skipping. Some behind is shown when two guys swim in the lake (Dan wouldn't let me look for some time, so I'm assuming a lot of bum was shown) and when Tom tells Jane to read a book, she does, but the book is on sex, and not something I really wanted to hear.
Anyway, it's rated PG, and I liked it so much I watched it twice. I cried too (which really doesn't say much). It's fun to see where Jane Austin got a lot of her inspiration (if the movie portrays her correctly). It's cute and besides those two parts I'd recommend it.


Tarah said...

All right everyone...why are my movie pictures so little and everyone else's are large. what do i need to do to make mine bigger?

Andrea said...

I think it's just where you found the picture. I look around a bit to make sure it can be bigger (I'll click on it and if it doesn't come up bigger in another window, I find another picture that will be bigger).

Anyway, I think it looks like Julia Roberts in that little picture, but isn't it . . . oh, what's her name? She was in Other Side of Heaven.

Thanks for the review!

Hilary said...

It's Anne Hathaway. I thought she looked like Julia Roberts too!

I thought comparing this movie (Jane's life) to Pride & Prejudice was really interesting. I was like, "so THAT's why Jane wrote that in" in several parts.

The Bott Family said...

Tarah, I found the blog, yippy! So, when I first started watching the movie I didn't realize it was Jane Austin's life story. It was really late. Anyway, once I realized it I LOVED it. It was very interesting to see how her stories came to be. -Mel

Andrea said...

Just watched the show (and now I'm crying, but I don't think it's all because of the movie). Anyway, I am very curious about how accurate the story is. In that last scene I couldn't help but think about how she looked old-maid-ish (if that's a word). It made me sad. She had so much success, but what is success without lasting love? Not for lack of trying of course, but it still made me sad. Do you think she was happy? Would it have been better for her to marry what's his name with the money and not be alone? Perhaps she didn't mind the solitude.

Did anyone else have a hard time hearing the dialogue in the show? It seemed like the music was at a good level, but I think I missed some important dialogue (turn it up, you might say. Well, I tried, but I didn't want to wake the baby and every time I turned it up music would start playing and it was too loud).

Hilary said...

I didn't love how it ended either, but I think in real life she was single forever. It is sad.

And what was the deal with her ex naming his daughter after her? That is so weird and there's no way that would fly in our marriage. Haha.