Monday, March 3, 2008


So I know Ratatouille has been out for a while, but we just watched it again, and I remembered why we loved it so much. The animation is so fun, and the story is incredibly original. (Although when I actually think about having rats in the kitchen, it does sort of gross me out.) My niece and nephew LOVE the movie (although the part where he gets washed down the sewer sort of scares them). We bought this one for Connor, anticipating that he will love it in a few years.

Any other opinions?


Andrea said...

I thought it was really cute. We took Zoie to see it at the theater, and when it came out of video I almost bought it. But, when I suggested it to Matt his response was that he thought Zoie thought it was too long. I think that's what he thought. :) I like watching cartoons especially when I recognize a voice (the main rat is the voice of Spence from King of Queens).

Tarah said...

I really enjoyed this movie and we just borrowed it from a friend the other day to watch again. Kember really enjoyed it, except she thought it was really scary in some parts. She came running/screaming to find me (I was in the shower) and was crying about the "mice" (she hasn't figured out they are rats yet). Anyway, I loved it.