Monday, April 21, 2008

August Rush

I rented this on Saturday using a free Red Box promotion. :) Anyway, I'd heard good things about it, but couldn't remember what it was about. I was very pleased with it, and managed to not let any tears grace my cheeks (though Matt did ask once or twice if I was crying).

The story is about an 11 year old boy that is at a boy's home in New York. The other boys make fun of him for saying that he hears music (that no one else hears) and that he can hear his parents. The main premise of the show is about him trying to find his parents.

The actor that played the main character is Freddie Highmore (very cute kid that played Charlie in the Johnny Depp Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). He did a GREAT job. I recognized many of the other actors (which I find to be fun in a movie--makes me think hard about where I've seen them before, or I Google them to find out later). Robin Williams was in here too.

Overall, I really enjoyed the show, and I'd watch it again. I wouldn't have minded if the ending had gone a bit further though. Sometimes I don't like using my imagination.


Gayle said...

I've heard this is a really good movie. Can't wait to see it.

Tarah said...

I said the same thing about the ending (we watched it last night) and Dan was shocked. He was like, "Really, I thought that was the best ending I've seen in a long time.." huh...guess he has more imagination than the two of us.

Lara said...

It was a cool ending, but I wanted to see more too. I want drama and reaction, people! But it was an awesome movie. Did Matt like it?

Hilary said...

Okay, I've had this movie at home for 3 weeks and still haven't watched it. I hope it's good!

The Mecham Family said...

I LOVED this movie!!