Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Martian Child

When Dan had this from Blockbuster I thought it was going to be a really low-rate cheesy sci-fi flim. I was really surprised...pleasantly surprised. This was a really cute, feel good, clean movie. John Cusack plays a widower who adopts this little boy who thinks he's from Mars. The whole movie is about their relationship and trying to figure things out and fitting in, but being okay with who you are, and knowing that the dad won't leave the little boy. Anyway, if you're looking for a feel good family film, I'd recommend it.


Andrea said...

Very good to know. I've almost rented this a few times, but either it wasn't available, or something else seemed more appealing. We'll definitely give it a try.

Rorie said...

I think I remember when this one came out. It always looked good to me, but we watch movies so infrequently that when we get around to getting some, we always forget what it was we wanted to watch.

Andrea said...

We watched this last night. It was good, but something about it left me feeling sort of down. I guess it was because even though it is a "feel good" show, it's not feel good the whole way through. There is a lot of sadness in it.