Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thanksgiving point Gardens

I'm a little late adding this post, but thought I'd do it anyway, just so you have an idea what is out there.

On Monday, 14 April, my sister, Tari and I went to the Thanksgiving Point gardens, expecting to see them ablaze in colorful tulips and other spring flowers. Apparently they were a bit late this season or we were a bit early, but we had a nice day together.

Pic. 1 - inside the secret garden

Pic. 2 Door in the secret garden wall. I believe that on a better day or later in the season this vine at the side of the door is probably green and living.

Pic. 3 Tari in Garden, (sorry there are almost no flowers open in there during our visit.)

Loni at the carousel. Again few flowers. I imagine it is very pretty when the flowers are in bloom, but not to dispair. It was a beautiful day. There were even quite a few people wandering around. I'd like to visit when the plants and flowers are growing. They probably are now, two weeks after our premature visit.

Pic. 5 One of the falls located in the country's largest manmade mountain garden. That was very impressive.

The water is recirculated from a large pond, or maybe I should call it a lake because of the size of it.

I think the gardens are worth attending. Doors open at ten in case you are wondering. Oh Yeah, there is a charge.


Rorie said...

That looks like it is a beautiful, peaceful place to go. I'm wondering if they patterned it after the Secret Garden book? Good book.

Tarah said...

what possesed you and tari to take this fun little trip? you should do things like that more often.